National Sorry Day Past and present Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal People will always be remembered


For National Sorry Day May 26th commemorative activities succeeded in uniting the community as the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation (KSGAC) held a number of events promoting awareness throughout the community.

The official Sorry Day event saw Kimberley people travelling into Broome to with 160 passing through the doors. KSGAC Chairperson Mark Bin Bakar said the event gave many different people an opening to come together as one. “ to recognise Stolen Generation people past and present and to commemorate the 26th of May, Sorry Day, and the anniversary of the Bringing Them Home report of which many of our Kimberley Stolen Generation members contributed to.   It is important that we continue to recognise the failed system that caused trauma not only for the stolen generation members but also their consecutive descendants, this is a policy that affected all Indigenous people.

During the event Musicians Sam Lovell (86) Ginger Cox, Steve Pigram, Lorrae Coffin and Eloy Cardenas entertained.

The First Generation of Stolen Generation Aboriginal people were clearly pleased with the turn-out. KSGAC Member John Cooper said it was a very significant night. “It means a lot to us as we can see all of the efforts made and the people who came to be with us.”

Other notable events saw in the spirit of Reconciliation the Broome Shire buildings lit purple to reflect on the significance of National Sorry Day and the generations of Kimberley people who were taken away from their families due to their mixed heritage and skin colour.


An education stall was well received at the Broome Boulevard with many people stopping to talk to staff who are  active in helping people find family through the KSGAC Link-up Team, or do application for Redress.


On May 26th  a contingent of KSGAC Members attended the Indigenous Round game between the Freemantle Dockers and Brisbane Lions. The Dockers displayed the Stolen Generation Flower/Sorry Day on their and went on to narrowly win the game.


KSGAC Chairperson DR Mr Bin Bakar said the significance to the group attending the event was considerable. “Today is special day for all Stolen Generation people and the special bond we have with the Dockers Football Club in their memory of those traumatic laws, policies and Acts created by Government that had a profound impact on Aboriginal people in Western Australia and Australia.”


DR Bin Bakar said The Dockers Football Club and the KSGAC staff have worked really hard to make this an honourable journey and passed on the following message, “We respect and honour you as representatives of all Kimberley Stolen Generation people, those of you who are 1ST, 2nd, 3rd or consecutive descendants, we thank you for participating and honouring your elders.