KSGAC Staff Complete Fire Extinguisher Training

On the 22nd of October 2020, all the KSGAC staff took part in a Fire Extinguisher training taught by Fire & Safety Services Company.

The training was taken in two parts, the first part was a theory component while second part was a practical.

The first part was a great opportunity for all of the staff to learn about which components are required to start a fire and also different types of fire. They then were told about the different fire extinguishers that are available and which ones are recommended for certain fires.

Once the theory part was out of the way, we all enjoyed a quick lunch and then it was off to PCYC for the practical component.

We were paired off as each person needed someone to back them up in case they were not able to put out the fire.

All staff were able to experience using a dry powder, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and foam extinguishers.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Bill and Emilo from Broome Fire & Safety Services for taking us through this awesome and beneficial training.