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KSGAC provides a Link-Up Service for Indigenous people who have lost touch with their families.

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National Redress Scheme

KSGAC helps people with applications and referrals for counselling support.

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Acknowledge the experiences of Aboriginal people from the Stolen Generation.

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kimberley stolen generation aboriginal corporation

In 1996, The Kimberley Stolen Generation Committee formed and in 2001 became incorporated as the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation. The KSGAC is a unique service advocating and assisting the many Kimberley Aboriginal people adversely effected by past Government policies involving forced removal of Indigenous children from their families. For a deeper historical perspective go to the KSGAC- About page.

We are proud that the KSGAC has given a strong voice to the Kimberley Aboriginal people. Its’ Stolen Generation members and staff are tireless in their efforts to help raise awareness, education and honour the memory of the Mothers, Fathers and their children who went to their graves without knowing each-other and to help those still living to find their families.

KSGAC provides Government and other services with a better understanding of Stolen Generation people’s lives and of the work still needed to be done. The KSGAC projects and activities aim to provide better outcomes for those effected.

Link-Up Caseworkers are on hand to help the Stolen Generation people to reunite and reconnect with family. The Link–up Team’s research skills help those effected  to gain a sense of belonging and identity with reunifications.

The Healing Art Group sees members engage in social and emotional wellbeing art activities.

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Our News and Events

The Marumali Program comes to the Kimberley

The Marumali Program made its’ way to the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation with 13 participants joining in a deeply heartfelt and rewarding experience throughout a three day workshop made possible through funding provided by the Healing Foundation. Marumali is a Gamillaroi word meaning ‘’to put back together.’ The Marumali… Read more

10th Anniversary of the Healing Foundation- KSGAC’s Chairman Mark Bin Bakar and Aunty Lorraine Peeters Speech

We acknowledge the 10th Anniversary of the Healing Foundation and acknowledge the achievements to date. We must not breach the Moral fibre and the Constitutional objectives of the spirit and essence of the Bringing them Home report into the future. In the name of all Stolen Generation people we must… Read more

Ties strengthen through the National Link-Up meeting held in October in the beautiful city of Adelaide

The National Link-Up meetings occur generally every six months and the contact between participants sees better organisation and outcomes as services unite to assist Stolen Generation people around the country. During a break the participants joined in celebrations at the Community Fun Day organised by Nunkuwarrin Yunti’s Community Health Promotion… Read more

Lot’s to be learnt over a cup of tea at KSGAC

Sam Lovell is a Kimberley First Generation KSGAC member renowned for his work in the Kimberley Cattle Industry and Aboriginal tourism. Sam’s contribution to tourism has awarded him the Sir David Brand Tourism Award in 1988 and the Commonwealth Recognition Award for Senior Australians in 2000. Sam and his wife… Read more