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KSGAC provides a Link-Up Service for Indigenous people who have lost touch with their families.

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National Redress Scheme

KSGAC helps people with applications and referrals for counselling support.

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Acknowledge the experiences of Aboriginal people from the Stolen Generation.

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Buy a KSGAC Stolen Generation Flower commonly known as the Sorry Day Flower to support the mothers and children of the Stolen Generation.

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kimberley stolen generation aboriginal corporation

In 1996, The Kimberley Stolen Generation Committee formed and in 2001 became incorporated as the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation. The KSGAC is a unique service advocating and assisting the many Kimberley Aboriginal people adversely effected by past Government policies involving forced removal of Indigenous children from their families. For a deeper historical perspective go to the KSGAC- About page.

We are proud that the KSGAC has given a strong voice to the Kimberley Aboriginal people. Its’ Stolen Generation members and staff are tireless in their efforts to help raise awareness, education and honour the memory of the Mothers, Fathers and their children who went to their graves without knowing each-other and to help those still living to find their families.

KSGAC provides Government and other services with a better understanding of Stolen Generation people’s lives and of the work still needed to be done. The KSGAC projects and activities aim to provide better outcomes for those effected.

Link-Up Caseworkers are on hand to help the Stolen Generation people to reunite and reconnect with family. The Link–up Team’s research skills help those effected  to gain a sense of belonging and identity with reunifications.

The Healing Art Group sees members engage in social and emotional wellbeing art activities.

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Annual Ochre Ribbon Week

                  February marks the Annual Ochre Ribbon Day Campaign to reduce family violence in Aboriginal Communities and its devastating impacts on our men, women and children.                   The Aboriginal Family Law Services event in… Read more

Stolen Generation Flower sales signify; respect, unity and a collective strength.

For the KSGAC team it’s really heartening to see the National Stolen Generation flowers purchased all year round. We know they are worn by elders who are Stolen Generation. We know they are worn by family remembering their loved ones. We know they are worn by thousands of supporters who… Read more

Kimberley Community in full support of National Apology Day

A big turnout for the Kimberley National Apology Day event resulted in 230 people passing through the Broome Convention centre to acknowledge the Kimberley Stolen Generation people. The Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation’s annual event focused on the Australian Government’s National Apology: made 12 years ago and outlined the need… Read more

KSGAC Link-up Team Leader Pauline talks with ABC’s Vanessa Mills about Link-Up’s role

It was an overcast, stormy day in Broome on February 13th 2008 with a cyclone brewing off the Kimberley coast. But the weather didn’t deter hundreds of people turning out to the historic Sun Picture Gardens, which once had racially segregated seats, to hear a historic apology. The Prime Minister… Read more