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Sorry Day Flower


Stolen Generation Commemorative Flower – For the mothers and children of the Stolen Generation.



Please place orders a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your need to ensure they arrive on time.

KSGAC Stolen Generation Flower is often referred to as the National Sorry Day flower.

The five-petal Native Cotton, Desert Rose, or Native Hibiscus as we know it, was chosen by members to symbolise the scattering of the Stolen Generations and their resilience to the eugenic policies of Australia. This was initially proposed by members of the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation, and later endorsed by the National Sorry Day Committee. It is wholeheartedly supported by the National Stolen Generations Alliance.

This KSGAC Stolen Generation flower was adopted because it is found widely across Australia and it is a survivor. Its colour denotes compassion and spiritual healing.

The Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation has produced a large quantity of silk imitation native hibiscus flowers. They can be purchased throughout the year to mark significant events such as memorials, commemorations and funerals. The Flower is also worn in solidarity and symbolises people’s unity, strength and understanding. The flowers are most recognised for Australia’s National Sorry Day (26th May) for $360 per box of 80 flowers (excluding postage).

Further details are available from our staff at Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation, Tel (08) 9193 6502. Or you can order through our shop online.

We seek your participation to make the ‘Bringing Them Home’ report and it’s 54 Recommendations the key factor in the recognition and justice for Australia’s Stolen Generations. The Rudd administration fulfilled one half of Recommendation 5 by making a national apology. The unfulfilled second part of Recommendation 5 is financial compensation. Curiously, the previous government acted on several other recommendations, which currently provides the Link-Up and counselling services with funding.

You can remind the current administration about this ‘unfinished business’ and you can show your solidarity for genuine remembrance and healing by wearing a native hibiscus flower on National Sorry Day, 26th May of each year and throughout the year.

We are grateful to distributors who work with us, such as Amnesty International in South Australia, and we welcome other reliable people and groups who wish to act as regional distributors for the National Sorry Day flower. Discounts apply for bulk orders. Please contact us for full details on 08 9193 6502 or order in our online shop.

Boxes of 80 Sorry Day Flowers: $360 each excluding postage. If you are in a remote area your order can be posted to the nearest Post Office for you to pick up. We cannot cover the cost of postage or delivery. All postage is by Standard Mail. If you require Registered Mail please contact KSGAC about this.

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Single Flower, 5 x Flowers, 10 x Flowers, 20 x Flowers, 50 x Flowers, 1 x Box (80 Flowers), 2 x Boxes (160 Flowers), 3 x Boxes (240 Flowers), 4 x Boxes (320 Flowers), 5 x Boxes (400 Flowers), 6 x Boxes (480 Flowers), 7 x Boxes (560 Flowers)

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