Service for Indigenous people who have lost touch with their families

KSGAC provides a Link-Up Service for Indigenous people who have lost touch with their families.

Our Linkup officers are available to help people find information about and locate their family members. We can also help reunite family members who have not met before. We offer support to make arrangements, provide transport and accommodation and can accompany people.

In-house counselling and referral services are also provided for all our clients when required.

The Kimberley Stolen Generation Link-Up Service has been set up in Broome to serve the Kimberley region of Western Australia to:

  1. Give people information about tracking down their families.
  2. Find people’s families.
  3. Talk to family members.
  4. Help families meet up or have a reunion.
  5. Support people when they meet their families.
  6. Put people in touch with other services they might need, such as counselling.
  7. Let families know about the harm caused by the removal of Aboriginal children from their families and about the Link-Up Service.

The Kimberley Link-Up works with people from the stolen generations: people who were removed, taken, adopted, fostered or raised in institutions. It also helps the families of children who were taken away. Once a person’s family has been found, the caseworkers will ask them if they want to have a family meeting or reunion.

Contact Us

If you would like help contacting a family member, please give us a call on our FREECALL number 1800 830 338.

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person and you were taken away from your family, or if you are looking for a family member who was taken, you can contact us.

We are in Broome, at 28 Barker Street, where you are welcome to come in and visit. We have magazines, books and videos about the Stolen Generations and we would like to hear your story as well.

If you would like to eMail the Link-Up Service please eMail us at: