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Newsletter – Whadna!

It’s here! Enjoy reading our Whadna! Newsletter 2023 WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following may contain images of persons both past and present. Time to relax, have a read and spot the familiar faces. July 2023 Digital August 2023 Digital September 2023 Digital October 2023 Digital  

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Apology Day 2024

National Apology Day in Australia is observed on February 13 every year in Australia. It is a national day commemorating the first-ever national apology made by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2008

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Stolen Generation Flower

The colour symbolises healing and reflects the journey of stolen generation members across the country and their ability to survive despite being removed from family, country, culture, language and all that makes them Indigenous Australians.


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Dockers pay a visit to KSGAC

A visit to the KSGAC was high on the list for the Fremantle Football Club during the recent Kimberley camp. Stolen Generation members were delighted to meet a number of new players over morning tea where signed memorabilia was gifted. KSGAC CEO Tania Bin Bakar welcomed the Dockers new recruits and talked about the KSGAC’S …

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Dockers visit a winner for KSGAC Healing Art group

A surprise visit to the KSGAC Healing Art Group brought on many smiles as three Fremantle Dockers Football Club staff came in for a visit. Next Generation Academy Coach, Tendai Mzungu, Manager of the Fremantle Dockers Foundation Leo Crohan and Chief Commercial Officer Scott Gooch enjoyed their time with the Kimberley Stolen Generation elders. The …

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