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Keep up-to-date with the various events KSGAC hold or participate in

Please check relevant organisations and websites for up to date postings and confirmation of event days as they may vary across Australia.

Check the KSGAC Whadna! regularly for updates to specific events held at our office.

Community newsletters and notices are another way to keep up to date.

Event Dates

11 February 2022  Anniversary of the Apology Celebration


You are welcome to join us a light lunch and live music

 Friday 11th February 2022 

 Broome Convention Centre 9am – 3pm

KSGAC Chairman Mark Bin Bakar “Our Goals and Objectives are now seeing fruition. “

November 5, 2018

KSGAC is growing from strength to strength Read more

National Apology Day

July 31, 2018

13th Of February for the Anniversary of the Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s National Apology. Read more