Our statement of belief

Credo (Latin for “I Believe”) is a statement of belief, commonly used for religious belief, such as the Apostles’ Creed. In some religions, especially those having no formal creed, a credo can be a statement of personal belief.

The Credo is more than just a moral compass. It’s a recipe for business, moral, ethical and spiritual success of the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation.

The values that guide our decision making are spelled out in our KSGAC Credo. Put simply, Our Credo challenges us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first, living and deceased.


All people and descendants of Stolen Generation is what this organisation bases its plight on and stands for.

We are faithful and accountable first and foremost to the many living and deceased members of what is known today as the Stolen Generation people of the Kimberley and their descendants (derivative).

In the spirit of the many mothers and fathers who lost children and went to their graves losing their children and perishing with broken hearts at the vulnerability of Whiteman laws that justified the removal of children.

We are responsible to the spirit of those many people who went to their graves not knowing where they children went to.

We are responsible for the many children who lived a life of conjecture struggling in trying to identify with their original language, culture, identity and country.

MEMBERS (Part 2)

As a member of the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation we/I believe in and will defend the doctrine “Question of our Existence”.

I/we remain loyal to the memory of the suffering of the Stolen Generations people of the Kimberley and adhere to the code of belief of the “Question of our Existence” first.

I/we believe we are responsible first and foremost to members of the association and its faith to the principles of the organisations to our driving loyalty to the philosophies and conviction of the “Question of our Existence”.

I/we believe in bringing, supporting and growing KSGAC into the future with integrity, honesty and conviction consistent with the “Question of our Existence” to allow the organisation to prosper as a living entity in the spirit of Stolen Generation people’s plight and suffering – Past, Present and Future.

I/we are responsible for the awareness, education and memory, to the broader community and future generations of the suffering of the racial removal policies of Australian Governments on all our Aboriginal people of the Kimberley, Western Australia.


We the elected board of Directors are committed first and foremost to the opening ethos of our credo being the total inclusion of the “Question of our Existence”

We the Board of Directors believe in the principles of the Nolan Principles in which fair, honesty and transparency is the guiding principles of our relationship with each other in the effective running and managing of the KSAGC within the realm of “Question of our Existence”

We the Board agree that all projects, activities, public profile and image will always be consistent with the principles of “Question of our Existence”

We the Board agree that all accountability and management of the affairs of KSGAC and its activities is to be consistent with the Constitution of KSGAC and all its principles in particularly to the “Question of our Existence”

All of the Boards activities are directly in line with all ideas, activities and direction of the members as a whole, as directed by its AGM and also in line with all legal practical rules of Governance for the benefit if its members and the “Question of our Existence”.

STAFF (Part 4)

All staff are committed to the ethos and philosophies of the KSGAC “Question of our Existence” and dedicated their consciousness to these principles.

All staff are committed and dedicated to the KSGAC Board of Directors, their vision, aspirations and the KSGAC Constitution.

All staff is to be loyal and committed to the requests and demands of the Board working towards a consistent service to its members, Board and organisation in parallel with their duty statement and contractual agreement of employment and all policy and procedure manuals in relation to their employment.

All staff are loyal to Parts 1, 2, and 3 in caring out their duty with and for the KSGAC.

All staff must carry out their duties honestly, professionally, truthfully and with integrity that reflects the “Question of our Existence” to all members of the Stolen Generations and its client base as directed by Board of Directors and all the rules of engagement pertaining to their employment.