Chairperson’s statement

Reflection on the successes of the last 20 years has prompted KSGAC to envision what the next 50 years of the organisation will hold and planning for ambitious yet achievable goals over the next 10 years.  Ensuring 21st century policies and procedures, technology, processes, and insight can be leveraged to create meaningful outcomes for the stolen generations of the Kimberley. 

KSGAC has identified several goals ranging from immediate action items to long term projects and aspirations. Understanding our current operational environment as a Not-for-Profit public benevolent organisation, with 20 years of service, helps the Board and Executive team ensure KSGAC can create appropriate goals and prosper well into the 21st century.

Twenty years of networking, community engagement, community awareness (locally and internationally) and corporate governance experience ensures that the work KSGAC is doing for their members is not only preserved but flourishes and grows into the future.

The organisation is now in a position to pursue the long held vision, of KSGAC Board and Members, to collate and preserve ancestry information for future generations so that they can feel a sense of belonging, of pride and worth and create a community space where history and stories can be shared so all Australians and visitors alike can come and reflect as part of healing for future generations.

Dr Mark Bin Bakar


As of 2022 all the 1st Generation Stolen Generation moves into retirement age and it becomes increasingly important for these survivors to see their dreams come to life.

When seeking additional funding for projects and services, KSGAC emphasizes the importance of assisting the Stolen Generation beyond the limitations of Government contract services paramount to meeting the goals of Members and the Board.  KSGAC endeavours to ensure each of these goals, are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based (S.M.A.R.T).


  • DNA/Ancestry for Future Generations
  • Stolen Generation Compensation
  • Truth Telling Commission
Headstone/Grave Markers
  • linked to database
Annual Portrait Exhibition
  • Honouring every 1st Stolen Generation person, photo with artwork design, colours and style from their birth place
  • 1st 48 portraits exhibited on 18 November 2021
  • At significant sites with permission from  the Traditional Owners
Interactive Tours
  • Public awareness
  • Tourism Income Stream
  • Employment on country
  • Portraits Galleries
  • Oral history – audio & video
  • Truth telling
  • Tourism Income Stream


Acquiring non-binding funding will allow for projects (while maintaining PBI status) that can provide a revenue stream indefinitely, to maintain and fulfil key parts of KSGAC mission: never forgetting the Kimberley Stolen Generation’s sad history.

Expanding the donation pool will allow for more flexibility in operational control and expenditure policies, Not being restricted by contractual obligations or requirements.

KSGAC is currently seeking funds to implement a dedicated marketing campaign to elevate the flower to similar status as the poppy to increase awareness and income and expand other merchandise sales.