Meet the People Involved

KSGAC have a number of staff members who support the members of KSGAC, a non-for-profit business.

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  We are proud that the KSGAC has given a strong voice to the Kimberley Aboriginal people. Its’ Stolen Generation members and staff are tireless in their efforts to help raise awareness, education and honour the memory of the Mothers and children who went to their graves without knowing each-other and to help those still living to find their families.  

– Kimberley Stolen Generation 2018



Chief Executive Officer Tania Bin Bakar

Tania Bin Bakar

Chief Executive Officer

I am a Noongar woman from the South West of Western Australia and I have been working with KSGAC in various capacities since just prior to its establishment in 2001 and have enjoyed watching the organisation grow from strength to strength.  

I am currently employed as the CEO and enjoy working with the Board of Directors and the Stolen Generation Elders.  My aim while working in this role is to ensure the longevity of the Organisation so we can reach our full potential and ensure that the plight of the Stolen Generation elders, both past and present, is never forgotten and that their history, their stories and the lives are remembered through establishing a genealogy data base that encapsulates oral history, videos/images and other relevant information for all future generations. 

I welcome all visitors to town to come in and experience what we have to offer, meet our wonderful staff and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our beautiful grounds.  Support our cause by purchasing our Sorry Day Flower, on sale on line or at the office.



Hanisi Fitzhardinge

Executive Officer

I am originally from South West WA and moved to Broome April 2018.

I have a background in Business, Tourism, Health and have been studying Community Services for the past year.

In doing my Community Service course placement with KSGAC I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our members and supporting the organisation.

I currently work on numerous projects as well as Executive support. I am passionate about the KSGAC and its aims to support our members in accordance with the Credo and Nolan Principals.



Pauline McKenzie

Link-up Team Leader/Senior Caseworker

Hello my name is Pauline McKenzie; I am a descendant from the Ngarinyin People in the East Kimberley my mum’s tribe, Kija East Kimberley and Jabir Jabir West Kimberley my father’s tribes.  I am very proud to be working with Kimberley Stolen Generation as my mum was stolen at 3 years old and  she lived on this block in the orphanage so this place holds special memories for me.

My work at KSGAC involves working closely with the Link-Up Caseworkers. I can assist with family research and have been undertaking training in Perth at Yorgum around research so I’m looking forward to putting all this training into practice back home.   As a Senior Staff Member of KSGAC I look forward to helping new staff adjust and working with the Stolen Generation Elders and Clients.



Link up Counsellor 

I first came to Broome as the School Dental Therapist in the 1980’s, when Broome was just a sleepy little pearling town without street kerbs. I fell in love with the Kimberley then, the people and the landscape. 

After spending some time in Perth with my children’s schooling and furthering my studies I have been able to return to Broome. I am proud to be a part of the KSGAC Link Up team and feel very privileged to be able to meet our special clients and support their journey of reconnecting with family.



Craig Hamaguchi

Link-Up Caseworker

I was born and raised in Broome and have been working as a jeweler for the last 31 years.

I have joined the KSGAC Team as a Caseworker to help people to find their lost family connections. I am a 3rd generation Hamaguchi and a descendant of Bella and Barbra Lynotte who were both 1st Stolen Generation. They were taken from Ruby plains (Halls Creek, Djaru) to Beagle Bay Mission in 1911 at just the age of 4 and 7. Therefore the topic of Stolen Generation is a subject that is very close to my heart.  I am really looking forward to leaning and assisting as many people as I can to find their lost family connections.



Arnold McKenzie

Link-Up Caseworker

Arnold McKenzie is a well-known Broome man who has lived in Derby for many years and has decided to come home. 

He has a wealth of community and public sector business knowledge and a long history of working in Indigenous Affairs over many years including working in the Kimberley and the Goldfields Region. 

Arnold looks forward to working with KSGAC and believes it is really important to recognise people’s experiences and provide positive outcomes through the Link-Up Team.  

Arnold loves writing, music and fish and we welcome Arnold to our KSGAC Family as the new Link-Up Caseworker.  



Michael Khan 

Link-Up Caseworker

I am a Noongar man from the South West of Western Australia but have lived in Broome since 2005.

When I first moved here I was working in different resorts and restaurants as a chef. I liked my job but after a while found that it wasn’t fulfilling so I started to work cooking breakfast for homeless people. I liked helping others more and then started working as the coordinator for Feed the Little Children an organisation where we would cook and deliver food to disadvantaged children. I have now worked in Community Services for the past 9 years.

I am excited to be the Link Up Caseworker for the West Kimberley region.  My father and his siblings were stolen from their parents so I have firsthand experience with the generational trauma and effects that this causes in families. In my role at KSGAC I hope to be able to help our first nation’s elders and their families find healing from past injustices.  

In my spare time I enjoy, cooking, playing guitar, fishing, painting and photography




Sunny Liebermann

Administration and Finance Manager

I am originally from Germany and have lived in the Kimberley for over 8 years years working mostly in tourism and know how special the region is. I love the KSGAC and work hard to ensure we are accountable to members and funding bodies. 

I love helping the organisation save money and always ensure that I get the best value on all things the organisation purchases.  I also love working with the Stolen Generation Elders and the many visitors that come through the office.

The KSGAC does great work and a highlight in 2018 for me was proudly participating in the Broome NAIDOC walk with our staff acting as Marshalls, an easy job as the community knew the way. We walked with 600 other people for the Reconciliation Walk; it was a very special day.  



April Ford

Receptionist/ Admin Assistant. 

I moved from Perth with my family to Broome 14 years  ago. I have worked in Hospitality, Tourism and Business before coming to work here at KSGAC as Receptionist and Admin Support.

I look forward to greeting clients as they walk through the doors while passing on a positive and welcoming impression of the KSGAC.

Some of my Favourite things to do are; going to the beach, reading and spending time with my family.



Margaret (Gingy) Mahony

Female Redress Support Officer

I was born in Derby and lived there for eight years before moving to Broome with my family. I am a descendant of the Baard people. Some of my interests include: fishing, spending time with my grandchildren and visiting my mum at Lombadina.

I have joined KSGAC as the Female Redress Support Officer. It’s a confidential service and we cover the Dampier Peninsula, Broome and Bidyadanga. I really look forward to working in the role in order to help people on their Redress journey.



William Pollock Grounds & Maintenance

William Pollock

Male Redress Officer

I am a Yawuru person and I work as the Male Redress Officer at KSGAC. I love working at the KSGAC and the old people always come here because they feel comfortable. My Great Grandmother was a Stolen Generation person who was taken to Moola Bulla and some of my Aunties were taken to Beagle Bay.

I have learnt about our history and always remember to be respectful of our elders. Part of my job also involves transportation support for our Stolen Generation members when there are special events they need to attend.  My grandfather from my Mother is Chinese and came to Broome at a young age to look for work and my father is from New Zealand,

I love the different cultures that I come from and love listening to the stories from the Stolen Generation Elders, especially on our long trips together and when they visit the organisation.




Claire Loudoun

Redress Counsellor

I am originally from NSW and moved to Broome in 2017.

Some of my interests include travelling, learning about different places and cultures and gaining new experiences.

I recently finished my degree in psychology and I am very happy to have joined the KSGAC team. I am very interested in the work that KSGAC do and the values it upholds.

I am working as the Redress Counsellor, where we support those who are accessing the National Redress Scheme. I am really looking forward to working within this role, excited for the opportunity to learn as much as I can and offer support in a meaningful way.



Adam King

Male Disabilities Counsellor

I am from the South West city of Mandurah.

I have been working alongside the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in the partners in the community program since NDIS has come to Western Australia. I am currently studying Business Psychology part-time. I love getting outdoors and reading. I am a Counsellor for people affected by the Disability Royal Commission.  KSGAC has been incredibly welcoming. I am glad to work for an ethically consistent and culturally rich organisation.





Rebecca Jennings 

Female Disabilities Counsellor

I am originally from the south west of WA, and moved to Broome about 8 years ago.

I have a history of working in the roles that support people in their communities, and am passionate about community development and ways that people can be supported to strengthen their communities. 

My position at KSGAC is as a counsellor, supporting people with disability, their carers & families, and other supports around the issues targeted by the Disability Royal Commission, being held until 2022.  People can seek support, but are not compelled to make a submission to the commission.  This is a free and confidential service.

My personal interests include blasting 50’s-80’s music, including a big love for country and my main man Johnny Cash.  I love fishing & gardening, and get a lot of satisfaction out of being productive.  I love cooking and can make a mean pizza, with my latest experiment being a cheeseburger pizza (it really does taste like a burger).  I have a bad habit of singing out loud in when I’m doing my grocery shopping when there is decent music in the background!