Stolen Generation Flower sales signify; respect, unity and a collective strength.

For the KSGAC team it’s really heartening to see the National Stolen Generation flowers purchased all year round.

We know they are worn by elders who are Stolen Generation.

We know they are worn by family remembering their loved ones.

We know they are worn by thousands of supporters who acknowledge the history, strength and resilience of the Stolen Generation people.

You’ll see the Stolen Generation flower pinned to shirts at commemorative events such as Apology Day, Sorry Day and NAIDOC and many other significant gatherings.

As we put together your order we value your efforts to strengthen the supports for Stolen Generation people across our country.

We thank you for your ongoing support as the money raised from flower sales help Stolen Generation people.

When placing an order please do so several weeks before you need them to ensure they are delivered in time.

If you would like to send us any photos of your group or family wearing them please do so.

To place an order click on the link below.