Healing Art Group during Mental Health Week 2018

News from the CEO – Tania Bin Bakar

We are continuing with inquires as people come in to ask for help finding their family. This indicates to us there is still so much work to be done to assist Indigenous people or their relatives who have been affected by past government polices of forced child removal.

We have had a positive year but one also marked with sadness and we pay our respects to a number of our Senior Kimberley Stolen Generation people who have now passed. We have helped with travel arrangements for our members to travel to several funeral and commemoration services and financial support for funeral  services of 1st Generation elders.

We have a new website and we’d really like you to have a look around. Feedback so far has been really positive. Go to: www.kimberleystolengeneration.com.au

Our service is growing and on our website you’ll see who we are, what we do and also our dedicated Board Members and staff.

On the KSGAC Website you can get in early to purchase your Sorry Day Flowers. As postage around Australia can take several week and we don’t want anyone to be disappointed.

Our staff are constantly working through research to help our clients and any new information helps to build a better picture which we hope leads to an outcome such as a face to face, back to country, gravesite or a mission reunion.

To build on our skills; training is ongoing and staff are working through numerous courses and workshops; First Aid, Cultural awareness, Certificate 4 in Stolen Generation Family Research and Case management and also Research Training with Yorgum.

We have restructured our link-up Service to place Pauline McKenzie in a Team Leader’s role to ensure the team has supports in place to best service clients on their journey.

Our Redress team now includes and Male and Female Worker servicing Broome, Bidyadanga and the Dampier Peninsula and helping people with applications.

Our Healing Art Classes are always positive as our members spend time together and participate in new activities.

We will also be looking forward to undertaking new programs in 2019.


Photo: Healing Art class making wool rocks during Mental Health week with Boab Health in Broome.