The Marumali Program comes to the Kimberley

The Marumali Program made its’ way to the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation with 13 participants joining in a deeply heartfelt and rewarding experience throughout a three day workshop made possible through funding provided by the Healing Foundation.

Marumali is a Gamillaroi word meaning ‘’to put back together.’ The Marumali Program has been running for 20 years, developed and delivered by Stolen Generation Survivor/Educator Aunt Lorraine Peeters. Aunty Lorraine’s Daughter/ Educator Shaan Peeters co-facilitates giving participants a unique chance to listen and talk through survivors experiences, looking back as Indigenous children in institutions. During the sessions Aunty Lorraine shares her journey with the group. The pair provide; a culturally appropriate, safe, trauma informed approach helping participants to open up and share their stories. In the workshop Participants learn more about the ongoing trauma experienced by individuals, their families and communities as a collective.

Throughout Australia the Marumali program is widely respected; designed to support Stolen Generation people. Central is the Journey of Healing Model used to create awareness of Stolen Generation experiences and the program helps participants to realize trauma informed practices need to be adopted. The Marumali program allows for participants to recognize triggers, signs of distress and methods to help Stolen Generation Individuals heal at their own pace.

KSGAC member, First Stolen Generation Elder John Cooper spoke on behalf of the group to Aunty Lorraine and Daughter Shaan. “We will call you mother and you sister. I couldn’t get over the example that you are setting for us. Both of you remind us that beautiful people do exist.”

KSGAC Board Member Mary Ross is a Second Stolen Generation person who said the workshop had given her strength. “It has helped me to speak up. I will speak up more now.”

KSGAC Link-Up Caseworker Rosie Wade said the program was very good.  “It helps people to understand more about Australia’s past policies. Aunty Lorraine’s first hand experiences are shared with participants and her work is to help other Stolen Generation people on their journey of healing too.”

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